See your company from your customer’s perspective

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Have you ever tried to “be in the shoes” of your customers? Have you thought if it is really easy for them to do business with your company? If you haven’t, you’d better do it right now.

Customer experience is at the heart of every business and sales success. It has the financial impact on your revenue, helps you to keep consumers and attract new ones. If the buyer experience you provide is not good enough, your clients will simply leave and go to your competitors.

We strongly recommend looking at things from your clients’ perspective. If you do that, you will understand what difficulties your clients have to face daily and how exactly they are dealt with by your employees from the sales.

Reasons to see your company from your customer’s perspective

Looking at your organization this way will help you to identify problems and snags. You will see what points have to be improved. For a company owner, it might be really difficult to do that as you need to see how your employees behave naturally when they are not observed. However, if you spend a day analyzing things from your customers’ perspective, it will be an eye opening experience for you.

Someone can do this job for you. Ask a person whose identity is unknown to visit one of your retail shops. If this person is ignored, if he or she is not welcomed properly and offered no help, you understand that any other client is treated the same way by your sales team.

You can also phone your own company using a different phone number. How long does it take for your employees to respond? Is it more than three rings? How attentive and friendly are they when they are talking to you? Do they really want to help?

Call at various times several times a week. Are you sales employees patient and empathetic? Are you answered by a human each time? Or maybe you are answered by a machine with an infinite list of options? How would you rate the responses of your team? Do they sound knowledgeable? How would you evaluate their professionalism and soft skills?

Another thing that has to be checked is your company’s website. Navigate through it. Is it convenient? Is it informative? Log in. If there is a chat, then how long does it take before someone responds? Your website is very important for a customer as the majority of modern clients research before they purchase something.

It is a very good way to understand how your sales employees treat your customers. Remember that if you want your team to provide good consumer service, you have to instruct them properly. Help them, encourage them but we suggest not over pressing them by norms and regulations. They have to feel empowered. The procedure should assist them rather than bind them completely. Nurture your employees. And most importantly – treat them the same way you want them to treat your clients.

Looking at how well your company works from your customers’ perspective is critical. It will help you to see your business’s strength and weaknesses. It will increase the loyalty of your clients, and they will become advocates of your brand sharing their positive experience by communication channels. Invest your time and effort into this activity, and it will definitely result in higher sales and revenues of your company.

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