Key Tactics for Customer Relationships Strengthening

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We live in the highly competitive environment, and your competition is usually just a computer click away. Thus, service providers in the UAE and other countries need to continually endeavor to generate and uphold customer relationships that are positive.

One approach to achieving this is to strive to form a relationship with each customer by demonstrating that everything you do is for their benefit and aspire to satisfy their wants, needs, and hopes.

When customers sense that they are actively involved in a client-supplier line, they commonly feel more valued and important. Investing efforts to develop interpersonal relationships and provide excellent service delivery can aid in creating this condition. Also, they result in higher satisfaction and retention levels of clients as well as reduce pressure for you and your colleagues. Exploit the tactics below to form better connections with your external and internal customers.

Consistency approach

There’s a tendency for people to become fond of what they are familiar with. If customers realize that you and your business can be relied on and provides information that is timely and factual, they are likely to be more faithful.

To strengthen relationships provide customers with updates and information regularly, not only when you find it convenient. This is particularly valuable when trying to resolve an issue, or there’s a breakdown in service. Keep in mind that they don’t know the things you know. For instance, if you need more info or it’s taking more time than anticipated, update the client periodically to keep them in the loop.

Importance and value of Information

Every time it’s possible, request feedback from your clients. When you get to know their expectations, needs and wants better, you’ll be more capable of offering products and services that please them. Make use of various tactics to collect info from customers to achieve the goal of relationships strengthening.

Role of Openness

Often, customers just need to perceive that they are understood personally by service providers. Hiding behind the policy or deflecting responsibility when handling a problem or query for a customer is the worst thing you can do as a service provider. Imagine the way you will most likely react if a service provider utters excuses such as, “I can not handle your request because it is stated in our policy that… ” You will almost certainly sense the hairs on your neck rising and come to be upset. It’s the same for your customers. When interrelating with customers, consider putting yourself in their shoes before you say or do something that could lead to an adversarial situation.

Be Friendly

Service providers that are robotic or “strictly business” frequently do not succeed in getting high grades from customers. You may be very efficient, knowledgeable and stick to all the customer service rules, and still, end up with a dissatisfied client if you fail to show some level of humanness. This simply implies that you must connect personally, listen actively, and show empathy for your clients and their sensitive needs to be able to strengthen relationships and increase loyalty.

If while interacting with a customer, for instance, he/she informs you that they are celebrating a special occasion, spend a little time discussing the subject or narrate a personal example. If it happens to be the birthday of their child, turn to the child, wish him/her an excited “Happy Birthday,” and inquire about their age or what gifts they are looking forward to getting for their birthday. You could also offer a little present (e.g. a piece of candy, a free dessert, coupon for a discount when next they visit, a toy, or anything you think might be proper, depending on the kind of business you are into. The least you can do, when the transaction is concluded is to wish them the best or congratulate them once more.

Customer service excellence and relationships building is all about clear strategy and spending the time to think about the clients; their needs, their feelings, their wants and expectations from a consumer-supplier interaction. Ensure that you show empathy and visualize how you’d feel if the situation were reversed throughout every interaction. Afterward, do the right thing and you would definitely see the results!

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