How to increase Customers Retention

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The UAE business world of today is fiercely competitive, thus it is extremely important that you do everything possible to hold on to your customers. Customers who do not stay with you go to your competitors and strengthen their market positions!

Customer Retention – Importance

Customer retention depends largely on the smooth internal operations of your business in UAE and abroad. Smiling and handling clients nicely is important however, it is smart to ensure that your internal operations are capable to constantly deliver of service at optimal levels.

Evaluation of Internal Processes

This is the exact place to begin when working with clients. Mapping out your process enables you to see what is really going on in the organization. Your internal systems affect your customers. The level of service your customer receives is determined by how sound your processes are. Transfer points and avoidable delays come to be very obvious during the service process. Participants of a process can communicate the requirements needed to complete their own fragments of the process. It makes it easy to identify client communication points and also determine the process cycle time.

Consistency for Effective Customer Retention

Having a standard method of carrying out routine tasks in your organization in UAE is very important. Through the help of your employees, you can decide on how tasks can be completed at best and then develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The SOPs serve as a guideline to follow in order to make sure that service delivery is consistent. This also produces self-assured employees that can confidently say they understand how a task is completed. Only the employees who are confident at what they do can make customers happy.

Seeking Clients Feedback

Always do your best at seeking feedbacks from customers and employees. If it’s possible to get feedback from customers immediately after they interact with your company, do so. Ask your employees their opinions on the ways internal operations can be improved upon. Proactively seeking feedbacks puts you in a better light with your employees and clients and powerfully increases retention ratio. You can utilize with high efficiency the information acquired to enhance customer and employee experience and consumer retention.

Handling Clients Complaints and Making Further Analysis

Handling customers’ complaints is one thing; however, analyzing the complaints received is a different game. Try to find patterns like the particular time of the day you receive complaints the most, if there’s a certain general problem with any of your services, if most of the complaints originate from a specific location, the day of week most complaints are received, if the complaints are pointing towards a specific process within your organization, if the complaints started after you launched a new product, etc. When you analyze your complaints, you get to know the reasons and how to quickly resolve them.

If you wish better client retention rate, first take a good close look at your business processes. It is usually the indicator on how well you are and what are your chances to retain your customers!


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