Establishing Customer – Focused Company Policies


When policies and procedures are being developed for customer service personnel to adhere to, getting their input is extremely important. In any case, it is the client service agents that will be held responsible for both sticking to the company policy and creating a great experience for customers. They are in a better position to say what the client loves so much about the policies and procedures of your company.

If for example, your organization has clear and established return policy for products purchased, ensure you make an allowance for how customers and client service personnel will be impacted by this policy. Are you going to permit returns for particular reasons only? Ensure that the consumers are informed of your return policy at the point of purchasing a product. If consumers purchase your product online, be sure to confirm that your return policy is notably displayed on the purchase completion page. Let them know if you allow products to be returned for any reason whatsoever or only for specific reasons. Check your policies; ask yourself if they are reasonable. Do customers easily understand them? Do you think consumers will desire to buy from you again after seeing your return policy? Will shoppers be encouraged to refer other prospects to your business? These are some of the factors that must be taken into consideration when developing policies and procedures.

When Establishing Policies – Make Certain Room for Staff Decision Making

Time and again, when client service reps are not empowered to take certain decisions, it is the customer that gets caught up in the middle of your policies. Establishing policies should serve as a guide on how things should be done. However, there will be occasions when a little creativity is required in dealing with customer issues. Client-contact personnel must be given some autonomy and allowed to use their discretion when resolving certain issues. Otherwise, the customer may end up having a bad experience with your company, and we know what that means for your business. Provide your customer service agents options that can be implemented independently. This is an excellent idea for both customer-contact staff and customers.

Good and Clear Internal Communications

As earlier stated at the beginning of this article, it is extremely important to ensure that there is excellent communication across the entire organization. Confirm that everybody knows their roles and how it impacts other staff members, divisions, etc. Your clients shall not be caught in the middle as a result of poor communication within your organization. Your objective must be to make sure that the buyer is provided with a wonderful experience. This entails setting customer expectations that are attainable by employees who will act upon the needs of clients.

To be certain your client doesn’t get caught in the middle, make sure you develop company policies that are customer-focused, empower employees to make certain decisions independently and establish excellent internal communications. By so doing, employees and customers alike will surely have a great experience and love your company.

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