Adjusting Policies to Keep Customers Loyal


Policies are created to serve a purpose. Most times they work out well for people and there are scientific proofs to support them. However, we can sometimes break these policies or in any case, bend them and the world will not end because of it.

In business, this is particularly true. Top executives and business owners say a whole lot about attracting and retaining customers—and they invest lots of money and time on things such as social media campaigns, PR, leadership training, etc. However, the most important thing in developing a business is in the day to day interactions between clients and employees.

Policies and procedures which most companies put in place to ensure that 1% of their customers don’t exploit them are some of the major barriers to delivering excellent client service and while they are at it, causing the remaining 99% of their customers to be frustrated. When companies restrict frontline employees with all sorts of absurd policies and procedures, it radically slows down the client service process and customers are basically pushed out the door into the waiting arms of your competitor.

The truth is that most times, the policies are unnecessary and unrealistic so be open to adjusting some of them. Take a look at every policy, procedure and system you have primed that make it difficult for customers to do business with you. You may have the best employees ever, but your work hours, policies and procedures could be really senseless and frustrating your clients. If your policies delay tasks or need additional people and signatures to approve routine issues, you’re wasting money and time. Get rid of time wasters and expedite the process.

Adjusting the Policies to make customers happy and loyal

Staffs are discouraged from thinking for themselves and the client because of policies. So as to guarantee the satisfaction of customers and fulfill their very difficult expectation, aspire to broaden the customer service skills of your employees by training them on how to adjust the policies. It isn’t about completely flouting the policies, but adjusting them to satisfy consumer needs. Show empathy to your buyers. Would you like to be respected, heard and treated with dignity? When a company resolves your problems without harassing you, how does that make you feel? If they fail to solve the problem, how do you feel?

It is extremely important for businesses to empower employees to take decisions instantly because there’s no single policy that can address every issue. Several unforeseen challenges happen on a daily basis.

No organization is perfect, they all make mistakes. Things can and do go wrong. Employees must be aware that they must not stick to the written script all the time. They are permitted to think like the business owners. Let them know that they are expected to take care of every customer the way they’d wish to be taken care of, even if it implies disregarding the laid down policies of the company. In order to keep the consumer, employees must be able to adjust the policies and make certain decisions.

The good news is that most of these decisions will not cost the company up to $50, which is a meager amount when you think about the customer’s lifetime value, and how those decisions make them feel. All organizations have something to offer buyers who experience problems with their products or services. It must not cost a fortune, but its value is priceless in so far as shoppers’ loyalty and goodwill is concerned.

Adjusting the client policies for benefits

When you make your policies adjustable, clients are satisfied and happy because their needs are met; your company’s relationships with customers are strengthened; employees are given recognition for resolving problems and keeping businesses. Keep in mind that providing just good service does not get people discussing you. Make a few adjustments to the policies and get tell their opinion.

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