Customer Service Management Effectiveness


It is highly important to constantly train people who work in your company’s customer service. A small instruction, a short conversation on internal systems and a quick introduction – this is the approach of many managers responsible for training new employees. Does it work? Is it enough? It is not.

You have probably hired people who have just the right skills to work in customer service and deal with clients. True, they might be good in what they do, but this does not mean that they don’t need additional training. Providing good training is one of the core tasks of good management.  It gives new team members necessary information and confidence. It motivates them. It fine tunes their skills.

Working in customer service is a challenging job. Thus management needs to invest their effort and time in educating professionals who work in your company’s customer service, and you as the manager will evidently ultimately benefit from it. How can you effectively improve the work of customer service team?

1)    Employ professionals and promote them. It is always very motivating when employers know that they can be promoted. Give them this opportunity. When someone is doing well in customer service department, you can promote this person to customer service supervisory or certain management level. In fact, professionals who used to work in customer service will become the invaluable addition to any department of the company as they know everything about the customers’ needs and requirements.

2)    Use the shadowing technique.

There are two ways of doing this – you can ask members of your company to shadow someone working in customer service or ask a member of customer service to shadow other workers of the company.

It is important for other employees of the company to understand the challenges of the customer service department’s work. One of the good ways to understand this is to shadow one of the employees who work in customer service. It will help you to experience the main hardships of this stressful job. Besides, it will help you or other people involved to see how your work in the company influences customer experience in a good or a bad way.

Another way to use the shadowing technique is to invite professionals working in this area to go to other departments and watch people working there. How exactly does it help? This will help them to see the core of certain phenomena and give customers better assistance, support, and advice.

Last but not the least – ask the customer for feedback. Feedback is a very important tool in improving your services and management and enhancement of your entire team’s results. Thus you should encourage it. You can also ask customers for immediate feedback or send them yearbook surveys. It is also strongly suggested to use go through reviews on social media.

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