Building Connection with Your Customers and Winning Your Clients’ Trust

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Trust is a very important component of your relationship with the customer. In fact, it is crucial for building connection and turning your clients into loyal ones. What strategies shall be used to secure trust and win a come back to your brand? Let’s discuss this in more detail.

How to build a connection with your clients?

1) Provide quick and efficient response.

The first thing you have to take care of is responding to your clients’ needs as fast and as effective as possible. This is one of the basic requirements of every customer. It seems obvious but still – make sure that every employee working in your organization responds to the customers’ needs in a quick and efficient manner. What does this require? This requires available and convenient communication channels customers can use to contact your employees. Besides, it is equally important to ensure that the representatives of your sales and client support department are doing their best, providing great customer experience. We strongly suggest acknowledging those employees who do well and giving them public recognition.

2) Make sure that your clients are heard.

The second thing one has to remember is that your clients want to be listened to and heard. They appreciate personal communication as we live in the world that becomes increasingly impersonal. This does not necessarily require face-to-face interaction. Just make sure that you have a communication channel that can perform this function. Mind your choice of the language – it is preferable to respond in the same manner a customer chooses to talk to you. So what exactly do we mean by “personal communication” in this case? This is reacting to complaints and questions promptly. It’s also about hearing people. Rephrase what you customer has just said. Make sure that you’ve grasped everything correctly.

3) Remember that customer care is essential.

The third thing which is worth your attention if you are looking for the way to build the connection with your customers and win their trust is client care. As a sales or consumer service representative, you have to show genuine care and empathy towards your clients. This means no waiting time and ease of doing business. This means that your employees are aware of the existence of corporate culture. For example, it is very desirable to answer any phone call after just three rings. However, if your employees don’t know that, they won’t be able to do that.

4) Offer several communication channels.

The fourth important thing is to choose the best communication channel for each particular case and offer the choice to your customers. Sometimes, it is better to use voicemail. Sometimes you have to switch to email (especially if it comes to complaints and solving a problem requires certain time). Sometimes, phone or social media are the most efficient communication channels. Second thing related to this issue is that you know who can handle a particular task. If you can’t solve it on your own – address someone who can. Your task is to find someone who can help a buyer. If you fail to do that, it will lead to more complaints.
Finally, you should remember that customers’ needs are at the core of everything. Ease of doing business depends on customers’ needs and is closely linked to it.
Why is building connection with clients closely linked to building the connection with your employees?
Now we’ve come to another important issue. Building connection with your customers requires building the connection with your colleagues first. This is because your employees will interact with the clients based on how motivated, encouraged and instructed they feel. So, trust and confidence of your employees are vital. How is this achieved? How to build the connection with your employees?

Here is a brief list of The Customer Magazine UAE recommendations for building clients trust:

  1. Do what you ask your employees to do. The reality is that if you want to incorporate certain behavior, you have to be the main role model for your employees. If supervisors do what they preach, then other employees will do that as well. If you show that customer service and trust of your clients is at the heart of everything, very soon your colleagues will share this mindset.
  2. Measure results and acknowledge somebody’s efficiency. Attitude to your employees is of high importance as well. Your employees can only be engaged if you recognise what they do well. Besides, it is important to measure your company’s progress on a daily basis. Things that can be measured can be done – that’s the truth. Find a place where you can showcase the results weekly – that’s a very good strategy. It is visual, and it demonstrates your staff what successes and failures they are facing each week.
  3. Make your employees aware of your company’s goals. The ultimate goal is to satisfy the customers’ needs. It should be done with no errors and within the shortest possible period. If your consumers are unaware of the expectations, they won’t be able to deliver good customer service.

Summary on building connection with customers and your company’s employees
Why is building connection with customers so important for you? The answer is simple – it secures your profit. Trust and connection translate into loyal clients and revenue and that’s what you are ultimately interested in. Clients are looking for answers; they want their issues to be solved. If you are striving to turn your poor service into better buyer experience, follow the advice given in the article. This means that you have to react to your customers needs as soon as possible, listen to your clients with care, attention and empathy, offer different communication channels for each particular situation. Please note that building connection with your customers is closely linked to building connection with your employees. To be a successful company it is required to take care of both. You have to be the role model for your employees. Therefore, always do what you preach. Secondly, praise tem, encourage them and motivate them – never forget to acknowledge somebody’s success or progress. Finally, measure the results, showcase them and make sure that your employees are aware of the goals you’d like to reach. Doing all of the above will secure your company’s future and success.

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