Using Twitter to Improve Customer Service Level

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The new word of mouth in today’s world is now the Twitter, and this has provided customers with an entirely new kind of influence.  The opinion of customers is now capable of reaching thousands or even millions of people within a short period just by tweeting. Sadly, if it’s a negative comment, it is more likely to be re-tweeted and spread all over the internet.

According to the latest data,  most of the organizations are not using Twitter efficiently and are not paying necessary level of attention to the concerns and comments posted on social media by their customers, citing delay in response times and not appreciating or understanding them as being the major problem. Thus, if you’d like to get in touch with your customers via Twitter, below are the best tips on how to get it right and improve with its help the level of your customer service.

It is important to aim to form the relationship with your customers over Twitter even though you cannot see them personally. After all, social media is, “social”; it is all about communication and interaction. The more time you spend online interacting with your customers, the better your relationship will be. Therefore, if you are tweeted at, respond and, more importantly, respond quickly. If your message is retweeted, appreciate the person and initiate a conversation; they are most likely to follow you directly if they see that you care.

Reacting to every post in twitter that concerns your business is extremely important, don’t just reply the negative posts only. Positivity harvests positivity, so spread the good news at all times as well. Do not only spread yours but also spread that of your customers.

Timing is extremely important for the level of Customer Service. The major problem with handling complaints on social media is mostly about the response time. There are lots of negative situations that grew out of proportion just for the reason that the customer was not responded to in reasonable time. Twitter is an instantaneous medium, so it does not do you any good to respond to a post a week after the initial comment was tweeted. Imagine you went to a store and made complaints to one of the workers – in such case you don’t expect that it will take them 2 hours to reply you; you would need an answer immediately. Same, if you want to improve your service level,  applies to Twitter. Keep an eye on what is being said and when they say it, and ensure you take control of the situation as fast as possible. We have witnessed several possibly destructive discussions end positively, just on account of someone responding rapidly.

Twitter has a character limit, and this makes it impossible to provide an all-inclusive reply to a complaint or query from a customer. Nevertheless, all that is required of you is to open up a communication line at this phase. An easy “we apologize for that” is often sufficient to carry on the conversation into a more positive direction.

Even though you might not wish for your conversation to be seen by others, you must keep in mind that the initial complaint has been made public and there is nothing you can do concerning it. Why don’t you put it out there and let people know that you are trying to do the right thing? There may be other people who would like to follow the conversation just to know how you deal with the problem and this is a large plus for you if handled correctly.

Sure there are several conversations that ought to be kept private, however, the way customers dislike being transferred from one department to another via the telephone, they likewise do not appreciate being tossed around online. Hence, the best thing is to ensure that the communication is maintained on the only one platform.

It’s never a joyful thing to read negative comments regarding your company on Twitter, and it is very easy to be offended and tempting to react quickly, but I’ll only say this once; do not! It is usually worth it when you take the time to reach the source of the problem instead of merely reading the complaint and tweeting. Most of the times customers complain the instant they are upset and emotions are still very high – at such times it is more or less an instantaneous reaction– and what they are moaning about is often not what caused their dissatisfaction in the first instance.

Strike up a conversation and discover what exactly the actual problem is. When you give it the required attention, it is usually easier to resolve the problem ultimately. And, as a result, customer service level and customer engagement will certainly improve.

Creating a WOW experience for your customer is all about personalizing your service, and this is equally applicable to your online service as well. You must keep in mind that each customer is distinct, with different reasons for patronizing your business and different reasons they are dissatisfied. You’ll fail to endear yourself to them if you treat everyone the same way. You must find time to individually respond, and that is what makes the unique experience to that customer.

As quoted by a businessman last week “It is just one customer, we have millions to take care of, there’s no way we can respond to everybody individually.” Well, we understand his point, but if you disregard that single complaint, it could cause a lot of harm to your business. Social media has the power to make things go viral, and before you say a word, millions of other customers will become aware of your bad service – not from the original complaint (as that may have since been lost in the sphere) but as a result of how you handled the situation. Truth be told, without your customers, you wouldn’t have any business in the first place, and so you must care for every single one of them if you still want to see them around. Overlook one and watch as all the others disappear!

Providing excellent customer service level is possibly the most important means anyone can make use of to generate new and repeat business by improving the loyalty and retention of customers. Given that almost all businesses are nowadays online, you must ensure that you know the way to reply should things begin to go south. You obviously cannot stop people from posting negative comments in the first place means the only way is to handle them in a proper and timely manner.

The way you handle complaints makes the huge difference on the whole experience and can either improve or break your reputation online. Social Media is the very powerful tool. Ensure you utilize it wisely. Certainly, using Twitter to manage your customer service may be quite effective, but ensure it is done correctly so that complaints are properly resolved in reasonable time.

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