How to Provide Good Customer Digital Experience in the UAE?


We live in the digital era. Millennials have grown up and even run businesses of their own. Thus, it is vital for a UAE company to be tech savvy and provide good customer digital experience. Therefore, it is very central to keep client experience in mind when you are developing your digital strategy.

One of the most common mistakes brands make is related to the fact that they think of applications first and customers second. The first rule of providing great customer digital experience runs as follows:  First study the demographics and your customers’ behavior, and then focus on the tools and applications.

The second thing you have to know in order to avoid failure in providing customer digital experience is that simplified customer digital experience doesn’t always equal good client experience. This is not always the case as it is much more important to make this experience familiar. Customers have certain expectations concerning the process, so eliminating some steps might be confusing rather than facilitating. This means that looking for a good customer digital experience clients are not always primarily interested in the speed of the transaction. They have to feel confident about what they do.

Now we’ve come to the third thing that influences customer digital experience in a bad way. Surprisingly, this one is related to an online chat. If while a client is doing some research and scrolling down your website, they are constantly distracted by a request to talk to one of the managers in an online chat, they are very likely to leave. The same goes for pop-up advertisement – they increase the bounce rate. Customers are irritated by it and will probably think of your brand as of a company interested exclusively in selling rather than helping them solve a certain problem.

Therefore, in order to provide good customer digital experience you have to provide enough information to help the customer make a decision and solve the problem. The most important thing that goes for both customer digital experience and customer experience in the traditional way is being client-oriented. This is the right approach for any business in the UAE in both areas.

Before you start convincing your potential client to buy something, help them to learn more about the issue they are interested in or a problem they would like to solve. This is one of the ways to provide good customer digital experience. If customers trust you, it is much easier to involve them and give them an incentive to buy something.

Everyone has gone online nowadays, including businesses. True, it is important for clients how good your website is. They pay attention to its design and the speed of transactions. However, it is still more important how well you understand your customers’ needs for a good customer digital experience. Consumers are always to looking for the same thing – they want to solve a particular problem. As long as you think of their needs first and tools and technologies second, your business will be successful. However, it is equally important to pay attention to both as technologies play a crucial role in providing good UAE customer digital experience.

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