Digital Customer Service in the UAE


Digitalization of business has become a sine qua non in our multi-channel world the UAE of today and is no longer seen as a thing for the future. However, managing a ‘digital customer experience’ and perfect customer service involves several parties.

Digital Customer Service – the communication channel is the message

Although UAE customers nowadays use their smartphones to do almost all business transactions, digital customer experience that is interactive still entails several channels such as SMS, phone call, chat, web social media, etc. Providing these channels is not enough, the experience of customers is unique to any channel they use in communicating with you and as such what may work perfectly via phone call may not be the case for SMS or social.

The response should be appropriate to the medium; you can even chat or co-browse to assist customers on their journey to provide the clicks you’re seeking. Since we can access most of the digital channels we have today via a smartphone web chat, email, voice, SMS, take advantage of this device. A great opportunity to entice new customers and reward loyal customers is through mobile marketing.

One voice, multiple channels

Incorporate the channels into your UAE digital customer service to enable you get a single view of the customer. Customers don’t appreciate it when they have to call and explain after sending an email explaining the same problem. Also, agent desktops are quickly turning to the choice technology for contact centers. It enables them to amass every information about a customer from any channel whatsoever in one place so there won’t be any need for the customer to say the question again when agents or channels are changed. They can also be totally customized and they are much more flexible than conventional CRM systems. Furthermore, most are capable of being completely incorporated into your legacy system. There is another vital management benefit that a sophisticated agent desktop has and that is they can be customized for every single agent with the company’s rules and targets via item queuing, advanced scripting and mixed work timetables. The Dubai customer’s digital experience will ultimately improve when you adopt a holistic agent desktop.

Under no circumstances should you miss an important tweet

Having social media handles is not enough for digital service; you must be able to stay on top of it. As an organization in the UAE, you’ll get hundreds of tweets daily which are too numerous to sort through on your own to ensure you deliver good customer service to everyone. Social analytics which is frequently available as a cloud offering will help you do it all. It’ll show you tweets that contain your company name but may not contain your twitter handle. It’ll show you relevant and actionable tweets and list tweets based on particular topics like poor service or perfect service.

Self-service options are the great element of the UAE digital customer service, but never leave your customers stranded

Organizations in the UAE that make use of confirmed self-service solutions have a tendency to foster a higher first-contact resolution rate, which leads to great experiences and devoted customers. Studies have been shown that in some circumstances most customers have a preference for self-service over sending an email or calling an agent. At this time, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) offers one of the fastest, simplest and finest self-service options obtainable. Its installation is easy and can be deployed via a cloud service. An IVR self-service solution needs to be easy to navigate. Nevertheless, do not abandon your customers. You want them to click through continually so ensure you provide an option of assisted service.

Simple but critical rule of customer service – respond to your emails

Most people in the UAE may think emails are becoming outdated because of the numerous social media channels and alternative channels of communication we have today. But that’s not true! On the contrary, there are suggestions that the use of email is actually on the increase because it can be instantly accessed on the smartphone. It is convenient and though it is not essentially instantaneous, it works favorably as a communication channel. Customers are able to send and receive emails back when it is convenient for them and for the company. There won’t be any need for agents to tell customers that they’ll find out and return their call or they should stay on the line while they try to figure out the needed information. Agents can reply emails the moment they have the information, thereby increasing the rate of first-contact resolution.

Effectively manage leads – service for your customers starts at the very first moment

It is imperative that lead management is incorporated across different sections in the organization through all of these channels. Whether that is the sales team, marketing department, customer service department or website administrator. Making use of a smart workload management system, organizations will definitely capitalize on digital communications and take full advantage of opportunities anywhere possible.

UAE companies have to make themselves available whenever customers need them. The solution is to go digital however, there’s so much more involved than merely adding digital channels for customers to utilize.

Though UAE customers may have access to several digital channels, they all still speak with only one voice, and this means understanding that voice by making use of digital customer service and engaging with it. Then, and only then, will digital buyers, marketing managers and e-commerce managers begin to hold on to their elusive customers in this digital world.

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