Typical Cases of Complaints on Quality of Customer Service

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The UAE business world of today is highly competitive, so a great way to be outstanding is to create and maintain an excellent service reputation. However, it can be challenging to find the appropriate balance between customer care, proper complains handling and cost management.

Outsourcing your call centers as the reason for customers complains

Outsourcing call centers are possibly the most typical reason UAE client complain and being unsatisfied, and this can be a deal-breaker for lots of people. Where there is a language barrier, people can get easily frustrated, and this would normally increase the time it takes to proffer solutions. Organizations that outsource their call centers to reduce cost and save a few dollars might consider this necessary; however, you can apply alternatives to solve this problem.

Automatic telephone systems and related difficulties in the UAE

The essence of using automatic telephone systems is to make sure that customers are directed to the appropriate department and also that employees are very well utilized. However, it is another unnecessary irritation for many and a typical reason for complaints and customers being unsatisfied. In addition to increasing the average time spent waiting for calls to be picked, customers could have unclear requests that are subsequently transferred to several units.

Complain on being transferred from one person to another

It can be very frustrating when you call in for help and have to painstakingly identify yourself and describe an issue at length, just to find out that your problems can’t be solved by that particular operator. Knowing that you have to go through the process all over again when transferred to another department will rapidly bring stress and complains.

Rude or exasperating staff

We are all human. We can understand how frustrating it can get when you are attempting to resolve an issue, for both customers and agents. It is possible for demands to be misunderstood sometimes, a language barrier problem, a representative could behave unprofessionally, or a client might be being difficult.

Attempting to market the incorrect service or product

Sometimes, a customer could call in to ask for information about a specific service or product, or maybe to get some advice on the product that best suits their needs, this process entails a long and comprehensive analysis. If a list of requirements isn’t sufficiently thorough or obvious, the representative might fall back on a “best guess” approach, and this isn’t always ideal.

Getting trapped in a queue

Call centers in the UAE could be understaffed or overworked. There might be a particular problem with a product that came up and increases client requests for support within a specific period. Agents might be delayed by extensive requests to solve complex problems, which can be particularly annoying for customers whose requests are just straightforward and easy to fix, and this is not done – they obviously complain.

Lack of knowledge

It is very important that you ensure that employees are trained in every aspect of a product or service. UAE customers don’t appreciate being put on hold for their demands to be referred to a supervisor or manager, or the representative discussing with a coworker before solutions are offered.

Personnel are too reserved

Managing large numbers of consumers in a somewhat cold approach that does not involve one to one contact more often than not denotes there is little or no opportunity to personalize the service. For the most part, customers don’t typically imagine that they will be remembered by a company if they call for help, so use this as an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Unreachable or costly support

It is usually too expensive for organizations to make customer support lines available outside the weekday work hours. Also, clients often discover that calling for support after a purchasing a product can be very expensive. This is a recipe for disaster, and some complain, especially when combined with other bottlenecks like automated systems and long handle times.

Complain on providing lots of personal information

Some organizations in the UAE must verify the identity of a caller before helping out. This is typically done through a call center operator or an automated system. Many a time, this has to be completed more than one time, and customers find this particularly frustrating if they are calling to fix a very simple and straightforward issue.

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