Path from Customer Service to Customer Experience

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Any organization that is interested in effective growth must concentrate on improving customer relationships and its consumers the experiences that they will never stop talking about.

Every one of us can differentiate between good and bad customer service, but to stand out, you need to go further than this and pay attention to the entire experience you create for your customers. Successful companies have to discontinue focusing on providing satisfactory customer service and path toward creating an unforgettable customer experience that brings true loyalty and recognition.

Nowadays you need to build relationships and provide customer experience that results an emotional link

Companies will enjoy long-term relationships with customers if they concentrate on linking emotionally with customers instead of focusing on the transactional aspect. Each of your customers has got emotional needs that require your awareness.

This problem may be bothered around time sensitivity, convenience or specific knowledge required as part of the transaction with your company and not necessarily a product or service. When you fail to connect with customers emotionally, it’ll hinder you from bonding and also ultimately affect sales results.

Companies have to foresee these prospects by providing an experience that their customers wish by concentrating on the emotional connection as part of their contacts with customers.

Below are a few ideas on where to start from:

Clearly, grasp the needs of your customers. Do you create experience customers would desire if they had alternatives?

Empathize with your customers. Find out the things they want besides your products or services.

Foresee their future needs. What are the things you think they could need even if they don’t know it yet?

Identify the emotional needs of your customers. Make studies and concentrate on your conversations with them and try to find their emotional touch point. If their emotional needs are satisfied, you would have created a memorable experience, and they will surely return to you.

The 3 levels on the path of customer service to customer experience

The first step is to identify where you’re at on the customer service to the customer experience level. The moment you comprehend your customer service level, you must come up with action steps as well as search inwards to find out the ways you can improve your services and the approach for elevating your service to a higher level.

Let us examine the three levels and the actions that can be taken from your company on its path from customer service to the customer experience.

1. Ensuring your customers are satisfied.

Most organizations don’t go beyond here. These organizations concentrate on immediate profits and have a transactional relationship approach to service. Either they don’t consider it important enough or are not willing to commit the effort it takes to develop long-term relationships with customers.

Although ensuring that customers are satisfied and rendering good customer service is an essential element of customer experience, organizations must realize that they can’t go very far with that alone. Satisfying customers with just one service experience only gives you the opportunity to serve that customer again as well as to create loyal repeat business.

What do you need to do to take your service capabilities to the next level?

Begin to think about the long-term path and its consequences of approaching service in a transactional way. Analyze a number of sales brought in by repeat buyers. Think about taking these action steps:

First, take a good look at your present service experience and discover areas that need improvement.

Figure out the cost! Do customers return to you regularly? Determine the long-term worth of a customer and what it will cost to substitute a lost customer with a new one?

Find out why your customers are returning or why they are not. What is your competition offering that is making your customers choose them over you?

Have a long chat with your workforce. Your frontline staff is the people interacting and making an impression on your customers.

Speak to your customers. Request that they take a customer satisfaction survey. Though, ensure the focus is on improving your services or else you won’t learn anything that’ll help you perform better.

If your aim is to get customers that will be loyal to you, then you must satisfy them first. Focus on mastering customer satisfaction, after which comes loyal customers.

2. Customers that are satisfied become loyal customers.

When organizations go beyond their path on merely satisfying customers and concentrate on building loyal customers, they come to the realization that sustainable and repeat business is actually generated from loyal customers. Customers that are loyal take you to the next level (short-term transactional relationships to long-term repeat customers).

In what ways are you building your customer service to deliver best customer experience and gain loyal customers?

Do you understand as well as create an experience that meets the emotional needs of your customers?

Are you providing an experience your customers would appreciate?

Do you reward your loyal customers?

What incentives do you entice your customers with?

What action steps are you taking to build a loyal customer base?

If you don’t have a customer loyalty program, create one! It feels good to know you’re appreciated. How do you identify and acknowledge repeat customers so they feel special and linked to your organization? Think about a rewards or points system for people who purchase regularly.

Specify action steps that will help you to exceed the expectations of your customers with every interaction. Incorporate these steps into your deliberate experience.

Have a personal relationship with your customers. Get to know more about them, not just their names. Find out what their needs are and how the organization can help to fulfil those needs.

Value the opinion of your customers. Do not take their feedback lightly, pay attention to their worries and meet their needs.

Frequently keep track of your repeat purchases. Are your customers returning? Know the major elements that influences repeat business and develop them.

Let people know about your great customer experience. Integrate it into your marketing and advertising campaign. If your existing customers confirm the messages you are communicating, people would want to come back.

3. Customers that are loyal to brand advocates.

Having loyal customers ensure that these customers will continue to return. When customers experience exceptional service that makes them come back again and again, they become advocates for your brand. It is at this point that your business profitability increases tremendously and you’ll begin to get a higher amount of new revenue sources.

When customers experience great customer service, they feel like they have received something extraordinary. And that’s how Brand advocates are created. They wish to give something back by telling people about your business using all available channels such as online reviews, social media, word of mouth and other conventional means.

What are you doing on your path to convert customers into brand advocates?

Are you prioritizing your relationship first before transactions?

How are you engaging customers?

Do you pay attention to the concerns of your customers?

What unique services or experiences are you offering?

You must provide something for your brand advocates to speak about. Think about implementing these actions to build an army of advocates:

Seek ways you can add value: Find avenues which you can interact with customers, not just when they are making purchases. Occasionally send them helpful and important information. Newsletter, email lists and special offers keep you in the mind of your customers.

Map out a long vision plan for building customer relationships: From the customer’s perspective, how will that relationship develop? How can you become a respected strategic partner in the success of their business as opposed to just being someone who supplies goods or services?

Get social! Interact online with your clients and exchange ideas and opinions with them. Social platforms provide your clients with the chance to interrelate with you directly and turn them into insiders and not just customers. It is also an opportunity to share your company with other consumers—what we call the word of mouth promotion, only it’s online.

It is no longer sufficient to offer great customer service. If you want to position your company for growth, you must focus on improving your relationships with customers and offering an experience that will make your customers spread the word and ensure they continue to return.

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