Online Customer Complaints – how to handle efficiently


A lot of companies are quick to launch their products or services online. The challenging thing about this is that a launch that’s successfully done is capable of bringing in new customers along with numerous challenges.

Knowing how to deal with customers’ complaints when things go bad is one of such challenges. The solution is to regard complaints made online as an opportunity instead of a probable catastrophe and be ready with an action plan. Responding appropriately to a customer’s complaint is capable of converting an irate and upset client into one that is loyal and supportive.

Be Easily Reachable To Your Clients

The first step in dealing with online complaints is to make sure your customers can easily contact you. Ensure that the contact details of your company are stated clearly, and it’s easy to discover on your website. A contact form, as well as your email address, should be made available. You can also provide your phone number but make sure someone is available to answer instead of forwarding calls straight to voice mail.

You might also look into live chat since it makes it possible for clients to have their problems resolved while being online. It also enables you to build the relationship with your recently obtained customer base.

You Shall Know What Your Customers Are Saying About You Online

In addition to the feedback mechanisms mentioned above, knowing what your clients are saying online concerning you is extremely important.

Acknowledge and respond to grievances made regarding you on Facebook, Twitter, industry forums and every website used by your customers to air their complaints.

Respond Quickly to Avoid Damaging Your Online Reputation

When it comes to handling angry consumers, speed makes a lot of difference. A satisfied customer will tell about five other people about their experience whereas a complaining client will share the experience with about ten people. You must respond speedily to stop the negative news from going viral.

Empathize by Adding A Personal Touch To Your Service

In as much as it is important to respond quickly, putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and conversing in a pleasant manner is equally as important. Make use of your real name at all times and if possible, include a picture in your online profile.

Recognize the Source of the Problem and Fix It Permanently

Effectively dealing with complaints does not end as soon as one customer is satisfied. Identifying the cause and finding a permanent solution is a MUST! If you had one client who complained about a product or service, the probability that another customer will encounter the same problem in future is very high.

Get your team together and tell them what you have obtained from the client. Let everyone in the organization know about these findings and brainstorm ideas on how it can be fixed permanently.

If you can’t do that immediately, note down your response on a FAQ page or knowledge base. This helps the workers to better handle problems and also gives customers a better idea of what to expect.

Handling online complaints isn’t rocket science; all it takes is preparation, empathy, team spirit and an attitude that supports continuous improvement.

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