Handling Customers Complaints


It is normal for businesses – be in in the UAE or another country –  to sometimes receive complaints from their customers. It’s not even a question of if they’ll come but rather how you proceed with handling customers complaints when they come.

The points highlighted below sheds some light on some of the usual mistakes which we must NOT make (no matter how tempting) once these complaints start coming.

We will now look at some of the DON’T’s when it comes to handling customers complaints:

  1. Become defensive: This happens when we try by all means to justify our point of view, and we don’t even try to see it from the customer’s perspective. You obstinately defend your position at all cost.
  2. Have someone else respond on your behalf: Once there is a complaint that has been specifically addressed to you, you try to dodge the responsibility of responding by telling one of your staff to resolve whatever the complaint is. When you do this, you have not only succeeded in telling the customer that word has spread, but you give him/her the feeling that they are a burden to you. You eventually end up making the customer feel very unimportant.
  3. Be condescending to the customer: Trying to make the customer look small by vehemently justifying your position and letting them know they are wrong or even worse when you try to do it from a position of superiority as if you are both not on the same level since you are more learned and exposed. Coming from a spiritual angle even makes this more effective especially when you know the customer has such inclinations.
  4. Refuse to refund payment for services not delivered: It gets to the point where your customers no longer have any iota of confidence and trust in your company such that they are no longer interested in whatever services you render despite having paid for it. You also don’t mind keeping the money, after all; who says no to additional income?
  5. Provide detailed explanations of why you think the customer is wrong: Being as elaborate as possible, even providing dates and time and the correspondence to your previous conversations so that you solidly drive home your point. Of course, you are right, and the customer is so damn wrong; you have sufficient evidence to prove that!
  6. Telling the customer that he/she is taking things personally: You have successfully managed to put the customer in his rightful place; how very noble of you. Tell them they are unreasonable and unprofessional. Their behavior probably disgusts you.
  7. Subscribing to false statements or half-truths: Looking for events and happenings that best serves your purpose whenever you are making your case and twitching the narrative a little bit so that it vindicates you of any wrongdoing.

After all, there are times when a complaint is uncalled for, and you don’t mind dealing with it using unconventional methods.

More than half the time, complaints from customers are a blessing in disguise to your business. You get to learn more things about your way of doing business, gaining information into practices that your customers may or may not be obliged to divulge to you. They’re offering you more insight than you would normally not get anywhere else. See this as an opportunity to help your business get better.

More so, this could provide you with the chance to purge yourself and your business of any unwholesome practices. Rise to the occasion of actualizing you and your full business potentials and carve out for yourself an incredible following for your business!

Take your chances – adopt your UAE business to take these steps in handling customers complaints:

  1. Ensure that you try to see things from the customer’s perspective. Be inquisitive, ask questions and try to understand where they are coming from.
  2. Stop trying to defend yourself. Nobody is trying to attack you. It’s just information; useful information at that. Maybe you never would have been able to figure that thing out all by yourself. Treasure their complaints, and you find that there wouldn’t be any need to go on the defense.
  3. Accord your customers with maximum respect and prioritize their opinions and concerns. Sometimes, they just want you to hear them out. If you can manage it well at this level, it probably might just end there, and you would have earned yourself not just a loyal customer but maybe even a friend.
  4. Be the one to respond to the complaint; be bold. Take the lead in your organization and try to handle complaints yourself especially when they are directed to you. Be very proud of yourself and what you do.
  5. Deal fairly and don’t hesitate to refund your customers especially when they demand it even after the issue appears resolved. Save yourself some embarrassment and goodwill; there actually isn’t any price tag that is worth the integrity of your name (brand). Happy customers make a successful business.
  6. Take all the responsibility. This is actually an opportunity to let your customers know that you are a man or woman of your word who has integrity, honor and good character. Sometimes these events challenge you to grow into your real self and provide you with an opportunity to purge your business of any bad blood.
  7. Don’t negotiate the truth. Be as vivid as you can about the situation and remain in the position of truth. Do it gently and with all calmness with the end goal being to resolve the issue and not to pass blame.

This way, you not only end up making your customers happy, but they become loyal to your brand.

We know that being upfront with your customers sometimes leaves you vulnerable, but we also know that once you can maintain right standing about yourself and your UAE business to the world at all times, you will reap the benefits and you and your business will be better off for it.

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