Building Successful Customer Service Strategy in the UAE


Before implementing any strategy, it is necessary to outline and build it carefully and think it over in detail. One of the main difficulties of customer service management is that it tends to focus on numbers more than on people. However, if you put clients at the front, the numbers will inevitably increase. After all, every company is primarily interested in profit, and if you want your sales to grow, within building your strategy, you have to focus on your customers first. The rest will come by itself.

The important thing here is to know that the only person, who can evaluate your service and decide if it is good or not, is the client himself. Words will remain just words unless you act. Thus don’t simply say that a client is always right. You have to treat your customers in such a way that they know that they are your true key priority in your overall strategy.

To develop and build a good customer service strategy for your UAE business, you have to understand your customers’ needs and know their expectations. A good dedicated manager has to invest his time and effort into developing of the detailed plan on client service. Here is the list of most effective tips on building such plan.

  • Know your business. The truth is that it doesn’t really matter if you sell washing machines or postcards. Customer service is the foundation of any company and everything you do. Think of it.
  • Be dedicated. In issues like that, it is very important to be devoted to what you do. Commitment helps you to keep moving further if you fail at some points. It is not only your personal commitment that is crucial – your employees have to be dedicated and enthusiastic as well.
  • Decide what you mean by “perfect customer service.” What is of primary importance for your clients? The friendliness, the quality, easy access, your availability? Vision it first and then act on it consistently.
  • Keep track of your strategy progress. You have to constantly study the metrics to know how effective your customer service is and how well it performs. It is also necessary to compare your company with your competitors. Identify your weaknesses and strengths. Be honest and straight-forward with yourself. Let the leaders in your industry inspire you. Competitors are the valuable source of information – they often give you something to look up to. Use your customers’ feedback and reviews to improve your service.
  • Understand your customers’ needs. It is a critical thing to know. Otherwise, you’ll have to play guessing which is not good in this case. It is vital to know what exactly your clients are looking for and what kind of product or service they expect to get.


Customer service strategy for your company in the UAE gives you the understanding of where to go to and which direction to move in. You have to know your customer’s needs, be committed professional, keep track of your own progress, visualize what perfect client service is and always think of your customers first. Besides, it is very important to educate and motivate your employees especially those whose job is related to customer service. They have to be enthusiastic about what they do. Reward those who deserve this – they need to feel appreciated. Use this advice in building your perfect client service strategy. As soon as it is ready, implement it. It will facilitate the work of your customer service department and secure your company’s future.

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