How to bring Your Customer Service back on the right track


The secret to succeeding in business is surprisingly simple: Excellent customer service. And the reason is that excellence in service is rarer than you believe. Excellent service is akin to a valuable, uncommon, exotic species that is on the brink of becoming wiped out. However, it isn’t too late to save excellent service from becoming nearly extinct.

Think about your personal client service experiences. Have there been instances where you hunted all over a store for a salesperson to assist you or even pay for items you want to purchase? Or took pains describing a product in details over the phone to a company rep before you could purchase it even when the web page of the company listed it out? Or complained about a service or product and was treated as if the fault was yours?

You can appreciate how painful it can be to be served poorly. And if on such occasions you decided to take your business somewhere else owing to poor service, in that case, you must understand that you could also be losing customers if your employees are not attending to clients the way you would prefer to be attended to. You have a great opportunity right now to make your business stand out, given that most companies are found wanting as regards customer service. Today, interactions are mostly online and impersonal, and so many people are not being offered a personal service. Fulfill their desires, treat them like people who are important and special, and watch your business flourish.

Key Customer Service Rules to bring the service back on track

  • You must acknowledge people as soon as they enter your office or store.
  • Stop whatever you are doing and pay 100% attention to your clients.
  • When speaking with clients on the phone, be pleasant, polite and pay attention.
  • Do not refer questions to your website automatically.
  • Attend to phone calls as if you were physically interacting with the callers.
  • State when you’ll revert to a customer with the information requested.
  • If you cannot provide an answer to a question, let your consumers know that you will find out and revert back.

Any time you’re interacting with a customer/client, ask yourself if this is the way you’d like to be treated! If you can confidently respond YES, then you’re doing the right thing.

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