Customer Service in UAE and its comparison with Customer Experience


All of us have had this situation at a certain point in our lives – you walk into a shop in Dubai or some other international city and you see a shop assistant who’d rather be anywhere else but not there. They might be reading something or chatting or playing on their smartphones. Would you stay in this shop? Very unlikely. You would probably leave in a minute or two and go to another store where a shop assistant would offer you a friendlier welcome.

You would probably go to a place (and finally make a purchase) where a shop assistant is willing to answer all of your questions, where you feel welcome, where you are taken care of and where you are provided with great customer service. You’ll finally buy what you need at a place where you are offered a choice, several solutions to your problem and where you have a positive customer experience.

Therefore, we are more likely to purchase at a place where we are offered good customer experience. This is the difference between the two cases described above. Customer experience is the backbone of the successful business in UAE or any other country. There is a clear distinction between customer service and customer experience and to prosper you have to understand it.

Customer service can be forced and unfriendly. In our first example, a shop assistant does not want to help, but a buyer is still offered client service. What about customer experience? Is it positive in this case? No. Hires who do everything possible to improve customer experience know how significant their job is. The main distinction is that customer service focuses on a single purchase while customer experience takes into account what a client would think and how they would react.

What are the most important aspects of good customer experience in the UAE? You want to be greeted by employees who introduce themselves, who are attentive, who are willing to help and assist. Some companies give preference to customer service. The expenses are lower with customer service, but customers would immediately notice that the company is focused only on a single transaction, not on customer experience. Client service doesn’t have to be expensive.

What is poor customer experience? It is a badly designed website, a messy shop or an unfriendly shop assistant. It can be almost anything that makes a client feel unwelcome. Sometimes it is enough to train your employees properly, to instruct them on how to treat customers, to insist that they always remain helpful, friendly and polite. Customer experience involves a well-arranged shop. Customers should be able to find whatever they want.

So what do you have to do to improve customer experience? Keep your UAE store clean, change its layout if necessary, take care of employee training, adopt a client-oriented approach and explain to your employees that they have to stick to it whatever happens. Invest your time and money into instructing your hires, and you’ll see that it is definitely worth it. Your good attitude will be reflected in your hires’ good attitude to clients.


Whenever you are involved in client interaction, analyse what you do: are you focused on customer service or customer experience? If you feel that it is customer service, try to shift your focus a little towards positive client experience. It will beneficially affect your reputation and have a very good influence on your UAE business in general.

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