Customer Experience in the UAE – Building Emotional Connection with Your Clients

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Customers aren’t loyal. In fact, 75% of your customers wouldn’t mind doing business with your competition, and the reason is that most businesses have failed to build the emotional connection which brings about client loyalty.

If you want your UAE customers to have great customer experience and to come back, you need to do more than just satisfying them. You must give your clients reasons to return. So ask yourself if you’re providing your clients with reasons to return. If your desire is for your rate of repeat business to increase, then your approach towards consumer satisfaction has to change.

Making Real Change— Satisfied Client may be worse than Unsatisfied

How do you track the level of customer satisfaction? Better still, do you know what a UAE customer who is satisfied with your service is actually saying about the performance of your company? Do you take the time to inquire about satisfaction level with your services, products or brand?

The truth is that even though you keep track of your customers’ satisfaction and customer experience, you’re most likely not receiving the fact, and your queries are not doing much to support you in creating real change in how you approach client service.

Customers have really conditioned themselves to simply respond “yes” when asked questions concerning their level of satisfaction. Dwell on your personal experiences. How many times did you say things were ‘okay’ just because you were unwilling to make an effort to comment? Regrettably, there might be a lot of problems you don’t get to hear about prowling beneath all those ‘Yes’ comments, and you never get the opportunity to evaluate the real customer experience and resolve possible probems.

In this regard, you are only able to discover the insights you’re looking for when inquiring about the satisfaction and customer experience of customers through complaints. Complaints offer you the chance to dig deeper to ascertain what the actual problem is and also gives you the opportunity to make things right for that customer as well as prospective clients. When this happens, UAE consumers are happier to do business with you, they remain loyal, and you also benefit from having improved your service process to better reflect your customers’ needs.

Except you’ve got a unique product that’s exclusive to your organization, you must ensure that your customers come back and would rather interact with you. To make your customers to have great customer experience and come back, you have to create experiences that make consumers feel important and comfortable. An experience that must cater to their desires and needs.

You must make it obvious that you desire feedback from your UAE clients; they need to feel special or feel that they are getting a customized service from you, and you also need to show that their business is highly valued and appreciated and your wish is for them to keep coming back.

The ways the emotional connection with your customers can be built

In all that you do, put your customers first: Always ask yourself if your business is prioritizing your customers experience and focusing on their needs. The response lies in the way your business is being run. Your internal communications, business processes, and client interactions must be examined regularly to find out if you’re really prioritizing your consumers. Your employees must take care of your buyers—they are constantly interacting with them. How they interact with your UAE clients will let you know the level of connection you’ve got with your customers.

Develop an emotional connection with your customers: For your team to build an emotional connection with your clients, they must thoroughly understand your customers’ views, their experience as well as what they expect from doing business with your organization. Put yourself in their shoes. Either through personal customer experience or mystery shopping, try to feel the things they feel when they interact with your company. Empathize with them when they have complaints, treat them with respect, show that you understand them, connect with them personally, and also approach service delivery by reversing the situation.

Listen, listen and listen: Many times, businesses fail to listen to the concerns of clients. Sometimes, when they ask their customers about their level of satisfaction, they are usually robotic. Irrespective of your communication method, make the extra effort to listen actively to your customers. It makes them feel important and comfortable.

Satisfaction is not equivalent to loyalty: For your emotional connection with your UAE customers to be built, your approach on the way you view customer satisfaction must be changed. You must concentrate on building a true emotional connection with your consumers to guarantee great customer experience, and they, in turn, will pay you back by being loyal to your company and return to do business with you.

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