Customer Experience Plan to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Customer Experience Plan to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Having a laid down plan on how to improve customer experience will help every member of your organization understand the objectives for the customer experience in general.

Some refer to it as Customer touch points, Customer Experience Planning, Journey Planning,—what is important is understanding that organizations that utilize these practices record higher levels of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

When the ideal customer experience is planned, a clear expectation is set and ensures consistency in interacting with customers.

All through the process of planning, lots of corporations also discover irrelevant or outdated processes, loopholes in their systems, or policies that make it difficult for customers to do business with them, instead of making things stress-free for the customer. This presents you with the perfect chance to fix those shortcomings or problems, get rid of, enhance or improve them, thereby creating a much better experience for customers.

The organizations that take the time to map out a plan understand that although everyone may have a wonderful idea in their minds on the kind of experience we’d like to create for the customer that does business with us, it will likely not materialize except it is properly planned.

We recommend that planning is completed to define the ideal customer experience that you intend to provide for your customers. Begin from the very moment the customer contacts you and walk through the entire journey as they conduct business with your company. Every time there’s an interaction between a customer and a department or person, consider this a “Waypoint” on your plan. At each of these points, explain the perfect experience you want for your customers. Remember that the point is to clearly describe the kind of experience you desire for your customers, and not what your present abilities are at the moment. For example, if there are several customers calling your office, it may appear like…

  1. Phone calls are answered within two minutes when customers call in and with an honest, warm, pleasant greeting.
  2. The call at that point is transferred to a billing representative who will respond without allowing the call go into voice mail.
  3. The billing representative will be capable of looking into the records history and ascertain core issues.
  4. The billing representative will know how to make corrections or alterations as required to solve the problem in the course of that call, removing the need for a customer to call again on the same issue.

As soon as this is accomplished, then management must determine the necessary steps to make these things happen. For example, point #1 needs a human being to pick up the phone within two rings. If you’ve got an auto attendant responding to phone calls, quickly do away with it. Employ a phone receptionist or rearrange the responsibilities of staff so as to have a human being pick up the telephone within two rings.

If there are things that can’t be implemented immediately, identify the things that must change so as to make them happen and let all your future decisions align with that goal.

Forward-looking organizations do this often. The superior experiences which they are known for don’t just happen by accident, they are deliberately created. Every step of the way is mapped out with clear direction, irrespective of existing capabilities. To make sure that there’s consistency across your small business or organization, inform them about these perfect customer experiences. When you communicate the perfect experience you desire for your customers, everybody in your company will appreciate the objectives for the customer experience generally.

Most people ask a lot of questions as regards point #4. They complain that their employees are not able to resolve most of the problems when customers first call in. We usually just ask them what’s holding them from training their staff to know how to do so. It’s a much better experience for everybody, both staff and customer included if issues are resolved on the first call. It empowers the staff to perform their jobs better and the customers will be happy that they don’t have to go through a lot of hassle than expected.

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